Are you living a story that doesn’t work?

When you fix the relationship you have with yourself all your other relationships work as well.

Let me help you find the deeper truth of a story that works for you because it’s about who you really are.

Everyone wants to be normal but no one is.

And it’s when you give up your story in favour of the social story you’ve been told to follow that you create problems for yourself.

You will be miserable anxious and depressed if you are not being who you really are.

StoryOS is about the story of you.

The story of how weird, strange and wonderful you uniquely are.

Because this weirdness is really you at your best.

When you go deeper below the shallow surface you that’s where you have the power to reinvent, recreate and rejuvenate yourself.

You can make a difference and change the world but only when you change yourself first.

Come and join us on this journey and be the hero you were always meant to be.

StoryOS is a self-coaching process built from Interpersonal Neurobiology (IPNB) where you upgrade the experience of yourself to be the best version of yourself through guided self-enquiry and also learn a coaching process which you can use with yourself and other people.

It’s about rewriting your own code to re-enchant your life.

True confidence comes from being able to be natural rather than sabotaging yourself by being artificial. Yet we live in a world that promotes this shallow fake artificial way of being. But you can choose a deeper way where you are real not fake where you are human because you have multiple intelligences not just intellectual but emotional, somatic and many others.

This developmental process is about coaching yourself and most people get they’ll be more successful with the help of a coach but your best coach is always going to be you when you learn how to go deep which is a psycho-spiritual process.

Even if you are a coach or just work with people and don’t think of that as coaching you need to be able to lead yourself before you can effectively lead others. You are the problem you need to fix first otherwise with no foundations or shaky foundations what you build fails.

Many people today suffer from anxiety and depression or are just unhappy this is a natural reaction to the volatile uncertain confusing and anxiety causing world we live in.

Depression is living in the story of a future you don’t want.

Anxiety is when you don’t know what story will happen to you and you think it will be the one you don’t want to happen.

You sabotage yourself by staying stuck in the stories you unconsciously tell yourself but you can wake up and use your story as fuel to power your growth rather than inhibiting that growth.

This is about health and understanding mental health works the same as physical health because poor mental or physical health leads to poor performance. It’s just that you don’t notice the poor mental performance because you think the world is that way.

StoryOS in short is a psycho-spiritual self-coaching process where you learn skills to work with yourself and your own performance.

StoryOS in depth is an energetic, biological and psychological approach that uses self-inquiry to create neurogensis and epigenesis and as an active creative process can be a mindful way of focussing your attention and creating your reality in a way that is both spiritual and embodied.

You create active mental health with a structurally wellformed story or you passively accept the story of the worst version of you that living in a sick society creates where your Shadow and negativity is fed more than your life energy. If you felt good, strong and healthy this is the energetic foundation of good bodily biological health which is the foundation of good mental health.

Here are some of the applications of this psycho/spiritual technology or you can read about what StoryOS is by clicking here:


What’s your relationship story?

Successful relationships with other people rely on the relationship that you have with yourself is working and healthy. Otherwise you are sabotaging yourself and your other relationships. Read more here…


What’s your wealth and success story?

It’s easy to sabotage yourself because success is counterintuitive. That you literally do the wrong things naturally because they intuitively feel right. Read more here…


What’s your health story?

Lifestyle is the leading cause of many diseases like cancer. Cancer is when your body attacks itself.

How come we’re so unattached to our body that we hurt it and hurt ourselves by the choices we make?

How come our emotions are out of control when emotional intelligence has been around for years? So we’re anxious and depressed more. We’re sad despite all the luxury we have. Why are we poisoning ourselves with plastic and toxic chemicals in our food?

Why do we live this story that makes us sick? Read more here…


What’s your story about the future? Do you have confidence in your future?

… it’s not that you need to become minimalist and remove the temptations from your life instead it’s about having the focus to be able to choose for yourself what is right for you, what actively helps you and enables you to make progress forwards.

This isn’t a psychological hack where you need to become minimalist and not have the data present to make informed decisions that’s nonsense. It’s about growing your capacity to perceive the signal within the noise around you. Literally growing your brain which in neuroscience they call neurogenesis. Read more here…


What’s your spiritual story?

As a coach I help people grow up. We’ve all had good and bad experiences in life. You need to sort out what the bad experiences have done to you not avoid them by hoping spirituality will let you escape or transcend your problems. This is called spiritual bypassing because you try to use spirituality to bypass the need to fix what needs fixing.

It’s easy to hide what we don’t like about ourselves and say that’s not us. That “not us” becomes our Shadow the disowned and disconnected energy that’s still there driving when we think we are but we’re actually sitting in the passenger seat. Read more here…


What’s your marketing story?

Marketing in today’s world is telling the truth, being a trusted advisor and being someone who likes themselves because of the work that they do.

Then your customers and clients will also like you.

I can take you by the hand one-on-one to answer your questions and help you accomplish your goals so you can make your business the success it is meant to be.

I’ll help you get unstuck and overcome the obstacles which stop even the most determined people from succeeding today by helping you understand the technologies of marketing, sales and psychology. Read more here…



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