Don’t fear Coronavirus because that will make you catch it because you’ll be weakening your immune system. You want to not fear the Fear which means you mindfully relate to Fear.

I always tell my coaching clients that fear is your friend and a wise advisor when you pay attention to it.

It’s when you don’t pay attention to fear but fear the fear and run away that you don’t get to hear the wisdom that the fear has to tell you.

We’ve learned from every story we’ve been told to fear Fear.

It’s the horror movie where the monster is lurking in the basement and the stupid people are the ones that go down to look to see what is there.

Or through the well-meaning “guidance” of our parents and family, we learn what is acceptable and what “we” don’t do. We live to obey our tribe’s rules or they kick us out or threaten to.

Yet success is about how you work with fear. It’s not to quote the title of a famous book “Feel the Fear and do it anyway” that’s just stupid.

You want to mindfully relate to fear. Most people think they know what this means but often they’ve confused mindful with mindless.

Mindful means you focus your awareness your attention on what is happening. This means you go slower not faster.

If you’re fearing Fear you do the opposite you rush around like a headless chicken. Mindlessly not mindfully.

When you slow down you actually think and you can make better decisions. Like getting with Coronavirus that it’s the flu which you’ve probably had before and if you’re reading this you didn’t die.

But do you still go into work when you’re ill?

Do you still go and hang around with your friends when you are ill?

Do you mindlessly share your illnesses?

If you were mindful you’d think about your friends at work and your other friends and have compassion and care and love for them and not want them to get sick.

You can, of course, put all your dirty hankies in your bosses bin if you don’t like them. Just remember karma will be out to get you.

So what’s the relationship you have with yourself? You may be kind and compassionate to others but what about you? Is that your significant others job if you have one?

It’s the relationship you have with yourself that affects all your other relationships so maybe it isn’t coronavirus you need to worry about maybe you are the problem.

If your story isn’t full of Joy which in Classical Chinese Medicine is the spirit of the heart then you are weakening your life energy and making yourself sick. Western medicine would say it is all about your immune system and keeping that strong.

Ernie Rossi who I trained with over 20 years ago said essentially the same thing he wrote the book “The Psychobiology of Mind-Body Healing” all about how the mind creates not just the brain but our body and how it responds to disease.

So please don’t fear Fear. Fear needs love too.

If you practice actively creating joy in your and other people’s lives you’re actively creating healthy energy and a strong immune system in your and their lives.

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