Fear is your teacher the world is your sangha. Reclaiming the power of your Shadow. Learning what coronavirus is here to teach us.

So how does Coronavirus make you feel?

And I don’t mean the symptoms I mean you now emotionally what is fear doing to you?

The most important question is are you even aware or mindful or are you just reacting without thinking?

As a coach and therapist who works developmentally, essentially I’m helping people get to the next level in their lives where the interesting piece is that level is inside your Shadow and that the reason you are not there now is how you think about it as not right for someone like you, you’d need to be somebody else to be at that next level or it might even feel like it’s a level beneath where you already are.

It’s at times when events like coronavirus put us under stress that we have the opportunity to get we’re doing the headless chicken routine while we’re trying to justify that as rational given the circumstances.

And being able to use that realisation that truth to see our other headless chicken routines where we are mindless rather than mindful.

And from that being able to start to own our Shadow all the unconscious stuff we’ve judged as what the other bad people do that’s not in us but of course is and is often in the driver’s seat making those choices we only become conscious of later.

So have you watched too many zombie apocalypse films and that story is now informing how you think about coronavirus?

We live inside stories but with mindfulness, it’s not about waking up from the story you are into some other state it’s about becoming conscious of the story you are in so you can be in the driver’s seat of your life, not the passenger.

This includes reclaiming what we’ve hidden in the Shadow because that sabotages us if we leave it there.

So if you’re one of the lovely people I know who like to help others and hasn’t studied business, sales or marketing that’s an obvious gap in your knowledge and therefore your ability to help others successfully. But what if the reason you haven’t studied those things is you intensely dislike them? You’re sabotaging yourself and also not helping all the people you could be helping because of your Shadow.

Or perhaps you love all the marketing, sales and business stuff but your life is hollow and meaningless and loveless because even though you can make it work financially the rest of your life sucks because of your Shadow.

Or you get the organisation you work for doesn’t have a future because the view from the inside makes that obvious. You’d like to make changes there and they talk about change but don’t actually ever get around to real change. If you’re someone who likes to work the realisation to get is you want that hard work to not get lost in a system that doesn’t actually value your work. But it will get lost and so will you unless you embrace your Shadow and recover the power you have hidden there.

Or you see the world as burning down around us with climate change melting the ice and raising the sea level at the same time as the forests are burning and other chaotic weather is violently changing our world and our lives. And no one is listening they’re too busy screwing as many people as they can to get as much money as they can without understanding they’re shitting in the river upstream from where they are drinking.

These are all solvable solutions when you own your power not leave it lost in your Shadow.

You probably don’t believe this because you’re acting like a headless chicken waiting for the coronavirus zombies to come and get you. This is what fear does when you don’t listen to it. You live in the horror movie of your life. 

Don’t just press pause and pray. You can not just wake up but also grow up when you have a mindful relationship with fear and move towards it with greater awareness not run away screaming in fear.

That’s how you build a more beautiful world that we all dream of by reclaiming your power and becoming the best version of yourself.

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