Inner Game is about the stink of attraction not the shallow lies of seduction.

The world of relationship coaching and seduction training is filled with people who want to tell you how to do the relationship you want to be in successfully.

They’ve all got the right answer for you at the surface level but if you think more deeply you’ll start to realise how unique you really are and how those shallow answers don’t fit.

It’s at the surface shallow level where all our problems seem the same where we just need to be more confident or be more masculine. But in today’s world masculinity is seen as a trait of success not just by men but also by women.

But if you’re both masculine where is the natural attraction that comes up between masculine and feminine?

This natural polarity of attraction is gone for many people.

Particularly if you are LGBTQ or just someone who doesn’t get seduced by the social media nonsense you get the need to feel the deeper truth and get at a deeper level what if you were to actually think deeply about masculinity?

I’m saying you are stuck because of how you think that the story of masculinity has been a trap for many men because it’s been driven by fear because masculinity is about the group and you comparing yourself to other men. So it’s actually not a story about men and women. It’s a story about power and competition for that power.

For me getting changed in the gym I was always slightly traumatised by the guys who like to prance about naked working on their personal grooming routine. I know I’ve been accused of being excessively English by my non-English friends.

When for me it was more a choice of whether to use deodorant or not. I’d always received the comments about how nice I smelled from women when I didn’t have any scented products on.

But then I consciously pay attention to my sensory experience. From martial arts to mindfulness and meditation, to spirituality and even the therapeutic and personal development technologies I’ve researched and studied it’s been about not just the mind in the head but the mind in the gut and the mind in the heart and even our natural energy as mind.

And I never got the other guys who are going out on a date who are wearing so much scent that they literally choke the other people around them.

In their anxiety to make a good impression they make a bad impression.

Many women keep perfume with them to either top up it’s magical powers if they’ve been seduced by the marketing or again it’s the anxiety of hiding their stink.

But to the right other that “stink” is the pheromonal key that opens the genuine attraction response.

Or to say it simply we’re naturally attracted to some people.

And if your experience of scent is unconscious to you then you sabotage yourself.

So the deeper truth has nothing to do with thinking.

Rather than getting lost in thinking about masculinity you could just stop putting deodorant on and be naturally more primal 🙂

The real anxiety here is that you can tell when things smell bad. So it’s really about health.

If you eat a lot of bad stuff you smell bad. You smell unattractive.

So what do you do? Do you need to hide this stink or is it valuable information that will save you genuine health problems if you take action on it now?

This is what happens when we fear Fear.

We run away rather than mindfully moving towards.

What’s the biological effect of being anxious about your masculinity? It doesn’t make you smell any better, does it?

For more start here.

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