The Way of StoryOS and developmental levels

StoryOS is a Way of becoming more conscious.

But it’s your Way, not someone else’s path.

If you follow a spiritual path for many people that means they need a teacher which brings in problems of hierarchy and having to do what you are told even when that isn’t right for you.

But you can be your own teacher you just need someone to coach you. You need someone who is a friend and fellow traveler, not a master to be in authority over you.

This is a developmental approach where you learn that people naturally grow and you can have a relationship with your future self who you want to be becoming and choose based not on past problems but from a position where you have done the work to resolve those problems and therefore have a healthy relationship with yourself.

I’m arguing that you naturally have an innate sense of knowing what is right for you but you see this differently at different levels of development.

I like Ken Wilber’s work on synthesizing different developmental systems. His book The Religion of Tomorrow is particularly good but you might prefer something more approachable like Dudley Lynch’s Mother of All Minds where he beautifully explains Claire Graves work one of the developmental systems Ken Wilber includes in his work.

But saying this simply most developmental systems have around 7 levels and whatever level you are at this is how you see the world.

Or as I say it it’s the story you live within.

Think of when you were last watching a film or tv show or even reading a book where you become so focussed on that experience that you didn’t notice your partner or a friend or family member come into that room and start talking to you but you didn’t hear them or see them until they either physically touched you or raised their voice to such a level that they broke you out of the world that you were in.

This is how we live our lives. We’re conscious of the story we live within and unconscious of everything else.

Your relationships work to the extent that you can see your partners or your friend’s story and relate to them from within their story.

Your own success is that same relationship but with yourself and whether you see where you sabotage yourself or leave that as an unconscious hole for you to fall into.

So when you follow your Way you can still follow other masters than yourself but you don’t let them have power over you. They become colleagues or members of your executive team.

Or as I like to say to a magician magic isn’t magic it’s science.

This is a shift in thinking where you go up a developmental level from Graves 4 Amber to Graves 5 Orange and shift from living in a magical world where someone else controls that magical power to a rational world where you can do the work to develop the skills, you learn the science to become the magician.

So you step up from a hierarchy where you have a place in that hierarchy to a story where it’s your own hard work that enables your success.

Then the step after that is to how do you help make other people successful?

Then after that the realisation that you help make other people successful in ways that are right for them not right for you.

This is the Way of StoryOS evolving yourself so you can then successfully evolve others in ways that are right for them.

For more start here.

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