What is your future story?

What is your future Story?

And do you have one?

For some people their story is of the past, how they think about the past has more gravity. It literally pulls at them more. In their thinking there is a natural predisposition or obviousness to think referencing the things that have occurred in their life already. And if you suggested anything different as a way of thinking they’d look at you strangely.

This is normal but it’s getting less and less useful in today’s world where things change faster than many people can keep up with.

Does the threat of AI worry you? Or do you think of AI as really IA and it’s going to be your Intelligent Assistant?

Smart people sabotage themselves by thinking their type of intelligence is the only type. If you are strong in IQ you are often weak in somatic intelligence or emotional intelligence.

You can grow your multiple intelligences

It’s not that you need to become minimalist and remove the temptations from your life instead it’s about having the focus to be able to choose for yourself what is right for you, what actively helps you and enables you to make progress forwards.

This isn’t a psychological hack where you need to become minimalist and not have the data present to make informed decisions that’s nonsense. It’s about growing your capacity to perceive the signal within the noise around you. Literally growing your brain which in neuroscience they call neurogenesis.

So your mind creates your brain.

And this should worry you if you aren’t consciously and intentionally creating your brain.

Because it’s equally possible to de-evolve as it is to evolve.

Look at the world around us.

Do you feel empowered or disempowered?

Perhaps you even feel anxious and depressed?

This is increasingly normal.

It’s not just you. You are reacting to the world around you. It’s not your fault.

But it is your fault now that I’ve told you if you don’t do something different.

Because you can use your mind to grow your brain and thrive rather than just survive.

This isn’t easy but that’s why people have coaches.

I’ve trained with the best people in the world. I’ve worked as a therapist, coach and trainer for over 20 years. I’ve trained in mindfulness and spirituality and the esoteric and applying metaphysical ideas in the real world for over 40 years.

Who you are creates the story that you are inside of. And if you change who you are you’ll get different results.

This is very different to most coaching or therapeutic work which is working at changing how you think. So change at the surface not change at the deep level of who you truly are.

So the work I do is not just neurogenetic it’s also epigenetic. That your lifestyle choices affect the expression (the turning off or on) of your genes.

The secret here is precision.

Sloppy thinking gets sloppy results.

This is why you need a coach.

It’s possible to build the future you want. And this changes everything in terms of how you feel about yourself and your life.

Imagine having that future that you know is possible. Success is a team sport let me be on your team.

Book coaching with me here.

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