What is your health story?

What is your health Story?

Lifestyle is the leading cause of many diseases like cancer. Cancer is when your body attacks itself.

How come we’re so unattached to our body that we hurt it and hurt ourselves by the choices we make?

How come our emotions are out of control when emotional intelligence has been around for years? So we’re anxious and depressed more. We’re sad despite all the luxury we have. Why are we poisoning ourselves with plastic and toxic chemicals in our food?

Why do we live this story that makes us sick?

I did this. I lived a lifestyle that burnt me out so I needed cataract surgery on both eyes.

I watched one of my friends die from cancer slowly over two years and another friend die after successfully recovering from a minor road accident. He just waisted away and western medical science couldn’t say why.

I’d studied many different systems of healing but it wasn’t till I took responsibility for my own story that I made myself healthy.

So what is your health story?

It’s why you unconsciously do the things that hurt you and even when you consciously know things are bad for you that you still do them because we don’t think of ourselves as the kind of person who can truly have what we want.

it’s about being honest and authentic with yourself and not letting your Shadow poison you by inhibiting the natural flow of your life energy. This lack of aliveness or stagnation deadens us. And our emotions become toxic when we can’t fully express them and then let them go.

Classical Chinese Medicine (not TCM Traditional Chinese Medicine which was created after the Chinese Cultural Revolution) talks about treating the spirit as the foundation for health. For me when I’m working with someone I’m looking at the light in their eyes the inner self looking out. How alive are they? Or what effect their lifestyle has has on them? If you’re embodied you can feel your body and the life energy flowing through it.

I often ask clients to take the “coffee test” to just notice for after when you’ve had your favourite caffeinated beverage when that caffeine high wears off?

Do you notice when?

Or are you just irritable and grumpy performing in a second rate way for “no” reason?

If you don’t notice the lack of caffeine what else aren’t you noticing?

People used to be able to smoke in the office till it was made illegal because it was killing non-smokers as well as the smokers but it was normal for many years. What aren’t you noticing that is killing you?

It’s not just that some day you will die. We all will. But lack of good health makes you suffer both physically and mentally and reduces your performance in both those areas.

We notice when we don’t feel well physically to the level that we are aware of ourselves. But we don’t usually notice when our mental health is poor. Because our thinking is just who we are. So if we are anxious and depressed that can seem how life is.

If you go to a doctor most will prescribe a pharmacological solution, a drug. Most doctors won’t think about nutrition or acupuncture or other options. But you can.

I’m not a medical professional so I’m not giving medical advice. I’m giving you advice about how to think about what is right for you.

So if it’s true that most disease is caused by lifestyle choice and please do the research and check for yourself so you’ll see it is. Why would you take a drug when you could change your lifestyle?

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