What is your wealth and success story?

What is your wealth and success story?

It’s easy to sabotage yourself because success is counterintuitive.

That you literally do the wrong things naturally because they intuitively feel right.


Perhaps you’re a CEO and it’s the members of your executive board that you use to upgrade your thinking.

Perhaps you’re an entrepreneur using your customers to build your product in a lean way.

Perhaps you’re a coach, therapist or healer and helping others is natural to you but being financially successful isn’t.

Wealth isn’t just money but then you probably expected me to at that.


But your relationship to money, how you think about it, the story you tell yourself is critical to whether you have it or not.

It’s the same with success. It’s about the relationship you have to success, the story you tell yourself. Some people chase after success while others run in the opposite direction away from the monster.

So it’s this process of meaning making, or story that controls your relationship unconsciously unless you do the work to make it conscious.


Carl Jung spoke about the Shadow that we hide out of sight the parts of us we dislike and don’t want others to see. And end up disowning parts of ourselves. But they’re still there and at times get into the drivers seat.

Why do you see celebrities and successful people in the tabloids? It’s not all fiction created by journalists though a lot is. But if you’ve built your success on being driven by your Shadow inevitably you get caught out.

Yet some people are boring to the tabloid journalists. They are wealthy and successful AND happy. They don’t have a secret it’s the fact that they don’t have secrets that powers them.

They’ve done the work to go deep and they know themselves. They’re not influenced by the shallow media and social media because they know the truth about themselves.


This is a path to follow. A Hero’s Journey. Not that you’re Indiana Jones or Lara Croft. But the role you play is you.


Being you has value. But we live in a world that tries to tell us otherwise.

We’re sold a story that’s exciting but shallow where success is a large amount on money not what you can do with it.

Where celebrity is about celebrity and you are just the face on the screen and you have no mind, real body or soul.

Where sex lasts less than two minutes and is violent and lacks any intimacy. Or you’re under the delusion that porn is sex rather than a performance.

Living in this shallow fake world makes you fragile and you suffer from anxiety and depression because you are not in the real world.


As I said there are people who are wealthy, successful and happy and they’re not fooled by the fake media.

They’re not fooled because they’re interested in truth. And do the work to understand their own truth which makes them strong. For some it’s a spiritual journey for others psychological. It’s the application of mindfulness to the reality that you live in understanding that is a story that you create.


Self-inquiry is working with your understanding of yourself. The story you tell yourself about you.

Because you can have everything you ever dreamed of and still not be happy. Just look at those tabloid newspaper stories of the celebrities or the repeated stories of lottery winners who a couple of years later have lost everything. Yet and this is the counterintuitive piece if you’re not already a celebrity or lottery winner you probably want to be one.

But if you had everything you wanted what would you be doing?

Many people start with the shallow answer of going on holiday and enjoying themselves. It’s natural to want that if you need relief from a life that isn’t what you want to be doing. But at some point you need to actually find out what you do what to be doing.


This is what the process of self enquiry is about. You.

The only way to really be successful AND happy is to be successful as you.

So you go deep and discover what this is with help in the process of guided self-enquiry I’ve developed.

Book coaching and see the options that are right for you.

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