What’s your spiritual story?

What is your spiritual story?

Do you have one?

Spirituality is about relationship. And how you see that relationship is different depending on the story you live within.

For some people it’s all about belonging to the community the group that you want to be part of.

For others it’s about evolving yourself.

And for others it’s about the world as sangha as our spiritual community.

It could also be all of these.

I’m not a spiritual teacher. I believe the hierarchy of teacher-student relationship inevitably leads to problems. This isn’t always the teachers fault. Because we go to school and have to do what we’re told, then go to college/university where we also have to do what we’re told. Then get a job where yes we also have to do what we’re told, we’re programmed at the most programmable part of our lives to blindly accept authority without question.

If you want to belong to a community this creates problems if that community has a leader or leaders.

How you think about and create community can be different though you don’t have to have leaders you can empower everybody to be leaders to think and decide for themselves.

As a coach I help people develop themselves.

I’ve studied Claire Graves and Ken Wilber’s developmental work for many years. Ken’s insight is that you see your level of spiritual development from your level of consciousness or how you think and that thinking evolutionarily grows in levels of complexity.

For example you think differently now to how you did as a child. The world is literally a different place because of how you think now. And that thinking continues to develop throughout your life.

You can also consciously and intentionally work at developing yourself, at seeing the world in a more complex way than you currently do.

This is helpful in everyday life because technology is changing faster. But it’s also helpful spiritually to see what is already there which you define by how you see it.

Physicist David Bohm who also had interesting dialogues with spiritual teacher Jiddu Krishnamurti which you can find on YouTube said you were unfolding what is enfolded. So what is there you understand at your ability to understand it. And just like you see things differently now to when you were a child you can continue to “grow up” to experience differently how you “wake up”.

As a coach I help people grow up. We’ve all had good and bad experiences in life. You need to sort out what the bad experiences have done to you not avoid them by hoping spirituality will let you escape or transcend your problems. This is called spiritual bypassing because you try to use spirituality to bypass the need to fix what needs fixing.

It’s easy to hide what we don’t like about ourselves and say that’s not us. That “not us” becomes our Shadow the disowned and disconnected energy that’s still there driving when we think we are but we’re actually sitting in the passenger seat.

I don’t think of the Shadow as just psychological. It’s held in our body as trapped energy. And you need to work in a whole-formed way at all the different levels psychological, physical/biological and energetic.

The more embodied you are the more you can feel the flow of energy within you. If you can’t feel that you just think you are embodied, you are looking at your body from the position of your mind. From the embodied position your “I” who you are is your body.

This isn’t spiritual work but it affects your spiritual work. For example if you’re not embodied you can’t feel the energy so you think it’s all psychological and most people believe what they think so whatever they think is right.

But if you start practicing yoga, tai chi, qigong, or any embodiment practice you start to realise that what you feel matters not just what you think. And it’s actually where the real power is.

What I call your “experiencing mind” is different to your “thinking mind”.

But for many people this experiencing mind is unconscious and you only have access to it when you are in flow type experiences playing sport or performing at an elite level when you let go of your left brain analytical thinking and let the more right brain whole you run the show.

You can’t live in flow though where you are in sync with your environment or for some people at the spiritual level in sync with everything.

You need your thinking mind to be a whole person unless you have others looking after you.

Being whole is about having both left analytical thinking brain and the right whole-form unconscious body-mind working together.

So you can think about the experiences you are having and make thought through sensible decisions taking into account other people and their needs.

This is what I do in coaching with you. We work at making you whole which includes doing the developmental work to fix the bad stuff and finding you practices to make you more embodied that work for you. Then how you think about spirituality in a way that’s healthy for you and the people around you.

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